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Ohio mini barns, storage sheds, small cabins, 1-car garages, and workshops.

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Not sure what you want? Call a dealer
Cricket Valley was very helpful. I talked to them several times, and they always call or get back to you.- Gary, 10 x 12 vinyl storage shed

Colors ahh, what makes it beautiful!

Metal Colors

Matte Black
Autumn Red
Roman Blue
Hartford Green
Patrician Bronze
Tudor Brown
Surrey Beige
Ash Gray
Light Stone
Regal White

Vinyl Colors


Choosing colors is exciting. Try matching colors with your house or combining a dark tone with a lighter one. Note: Samples may vary from actual colors.

My cabin and shed are beautiful and have matching dark gray and light gray siding with trim. The cabin with the porch, is delightful and cute as can be in my yard. I’ve had a lot of compliments on it.- Michele, garden shed and vinyl cabin

Options you just might like 'em

Want custom size or other options? Call a dealer
If I didn’t have a Built-On-Site option, I couldn’t have bought the shed and cabin because my backyard is fenced in. The workers were so nice, and cleaned up very well afterwards.- Michele, garden shed and vinyl cabin
We needed a bigger garage than the pre-built ones on the lot. Cricket Valley accommodated the size we needed.- Mindy, 14 x 32 mini garage

Materials it's hard core, literally

They are well built and strong. I bought 2 mini barns, one for the shop and one for my lawn mower. A strong wind came through town one day, so strong it blew out some windows in town. I was inside the barn at the time, and the windows in my mini barn didn’t even budge. - Karen, 2 identical blue top mini barns

Delivery smooth & free - like it should be

Free Delivery

We offer FREE delivery and setup to all our customers. Plus, you can always call for post-delivery service if you ever find an issue later on.

Easy Set Up

With a mule (machine), we can get into tight spaces and moist areas easier with very little damage to your lawn during set up.

That mule is a great piece of equipment. They can get to your yard, and put it where you need it. I wouldn’t have bought this shed if they didn’t offer delivery. They had to come through my neighbor’s yard to get to mine. My neighbor was concerned that it would tear up her grass. But they came in and left no tracks whatsoever, the grass wasn’t even flattened. My neighbor was satisfied, and I was happy.- Henry, 10 x 12 storage shed
We had a very hard rain the day before delivery, and I called the morning of the delivery. I don’t know if they already had it loaded or not, but they changed the delivery date, no problem, to a time when the weather would cooperate.- Gary, 10 x 12 vinyl storage shed

Contact your local dealer!

Please contact your local dealer before calling the main location. Our dealers can answer any questions you may have and help you compare styles, options, and prices.

Contact a local dealer

Order from a dealer

You might think going through a dealer means higher prices. Not with Cricket Valley Structures. Our dealers are committed to the same quality, prices, and service we offer. Check out our dealers and get your mini barn from a local dealer.

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From the get-go, the lady I called was very knowledgeable about our options. She didn’t open the catalog and ask what do you want. We told her what we wanted and she explained the options to us. Mindy, garage mini barn
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